Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Card Games and a Reality Check

A miracle occurreth! Y'all, nearly my whole family has come to Oz. If only Dave and Katie were here, it would be perfect. (Miss you guys!)

Whenever I get to hang out with my family, I have this urge to just lock all the doors and not go anywhere and not let anyone in--and just hang out, play cards and talk for two weeks. They are pretty much the coolest people ever. We are doing well--they've only been here a few days, and Becky and her family showed up sick, so we've been taking it easy to let them adjust and get better. Yeah, I was all--Thanks so much for showing up with swine flu. Can we just like rub my newborn all over your face now?

We are adjusting to and enjoying being a family of five. Nate has found this to be a bit of a challenge. The other day, on a ride to my beloved Ikea, Grace was crying a little in her car seat. Nate asked, "Mama, why you put Grace in the car?" Jason and I told him that Grace is part of our family, and that she goes where we go now. I could tell he's thinking, "For real? Like she's always gonna be here?" Then he said, "Mama, you know what? Grace bothers me." Why is that, buddy? "I don't wanna tell you," he said. Then he sighed. Bless his little middle child heart.

Harsh reality, y'all. It hits us all from time to time. How are things in your world?


  1. Oh, poor Nate. It's so hard being a little person surrounded by littler people. Especially fussy littler people.

    I hope you guys have a great time! "Reunited and it feels so good..."

  2. Sweet Nate....poor guy : ) He'll adjust when he has a little Grace to chase around and have fun with or torture her : ) Hopefully the former and not the latter, right? Miss you all. Glad your family is down for a visit. Steve and I were talking about visiting Australia...maybe after he finishes his fellowship...oh say, 3 years from now...will you be free? Kate already tells people she is going on a trip to she is geared up...she just needs to start saving for that pesky airfare and a passport. We are in a season of transition, too. Steve just started his fellowship today. Will see how it goes...I might be asking too if we can just "leave" the fellowship business and runaway to some secluded island and be beach bums : ) I feel Nate's growing pains : ) Miss you tons.

  3. John and I are sitting on the front porch of the Dillsboro Chocolate Factory. We've laid in a supply of chocolate to help us through our buttish summer. We've enjoyed our stay in Briar Patch immensely! Amy, I know what you're talking about being with your family. Our best times have been spent cooking out and playing a round of Oh Hell with everyone present! I was, as you were, a middle child, and look we turned out fairly normal. I think it causes you to learn how to be a person of compromise. You might as well because you have to any way. Enjoy your family. I hope Becky and kids are feeling better.

  4. Yea, I feel Nate's pain having been there myself! I was always told ' but she's younger than you', oh boy did that drive me nuts sometimes!
    I know you won't do that though having been a middle child yourself like me:) I like what Kathy said, yes, it has taught me to be less selfish and more easy going ( I think:) then again I shouldn't be saying such things about myself:)
    Glad you are enjoying time with your fam and I promise not to pester you too much:)

  5. AWWW. My little moose!! Hopefully he won't poke her in the eyes like my Alixx did to her little bundle of joy! He is surely not starved for attention--you guys great in the attention department. He'll be right! It will make a good man out of him! Look how well adjusted you are for a middle kid Amy--------wellllll maybe I should start my comment over again...JOKES! love you girl!

  6. Yes, bless his heart. The boy in between two beautiful girls.

    Family times are the best...smiles and joy to you'll

  7. Bill has offered to pay for Cheryl, the kids, and I to come for a month... when's a good time for y'all? ; )

  8. Hope you all have a fabulous time.

    My girl regularly asked that we leave the boy in the car park when he was little. She got over it - eventually!

  9. "I don't wanna tell you" --what a heavy burden for a little guy to bear.;) But really quite gentlemanly, I think. He's very composed. So sweet!

    Hope you all continue to have the bestest time ever!