Friday, January 27, 2012

Oi oi oi!

What did *you* do to celebrate Australia Day? Okay, okay...I guess that's not a fair question unless you live in Australia and/or are Australian. You guys are picky!

It's been raining buckets here, which altered our usual Australia Day plans of swimming and BBQs. So, we took the train into the city to check out the Australian Museum. It has the largest-ever exhibit of living Australians. (No it doesn't.)

Luckily, once we got downtown, the rain had paused, so we walked around Hyde Park, checking out the festivities. The rain picked up just as we were heading into the museum. Which has lots of great exhibits. The kids loved the skeleton room! Which is just what it sounds like. And of course, the dinosaurs. Duh, who doesn't love dinosaurs?

I think 4-6 dinosaur skeletons must come standard in any museum starter-pack. That, and rocks. Oh, and stuffed lions. That exhibit was kinda all, "Hey here are some lions! Which aren't actually found in Australia, but hello? They're LIONS. And they're awesome, and we want them in our museum."

No, but really, it's an excellent museum. The kids had a great time. And now, I've typed museum so many times that the word is starting to look weird to me. You know what I mean? Like, I'm forgetting how to spell it? Let's keep moving.

Funniest moment of the day: I was waiting in line with Ava and Nate so they could get their hair spray painted in funny colors. As you do. There was a little boy, about 4 years old, who had just had his hair sprayed bright red. The lady held up a little mirror to show him the results. He burst INSTANTLY into tears and started yelling in protest. Then, he put his hands on his head, staining them red, too. He just looked so horror-struck. Like, "This is NOT what I thought we were doing!"

Bless him, I'm sure I shouldn't think that was funny. Maybe you had to be there--he was all, "Why, God, whhyyyyy?" But I made sure not to laugh where he could see me. And don't worry, a lollipop from his mama calmed him down.

After the museum, (meuseum? No.) we walked back to the park to eat lunch. Grace was not receptive to any of the menu choices on offer. She kept yelling, "Chicken! Fries! Mom--chicken!!" So, while Jason took Ava and Nate to do one last activity, Grace and I hoofed it 4-5 blocks to the nearest McDonalds. Or I should say, I carried my 30lb toddler 4-5 blocks. Which, in ridiculously high levels of humidity, made me as dewy and fresh as a summer's morning by the time we got there.

Luckily, we rode the train home in air-conditioned comfort. And achieved the trifecta of a successful family outing: no one pooped their pants/threw up, somebody learned something new, and there were ice cream cones. Check, check, and check.

Happy Australia Day! Or, if you don't live in the Lucky Country, happy Thursday!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Australia Day! Y'all are such fun parents always planning great outings for the kids! Good on 'ya! That is a great museum as I recall. Dad and I trekked around thru it and enjoyed the exhibits, I think I remember a large room that was full of indigenous bugs. A real crowd pleaser for sure! The roaches were my faves. And then you toted Grace to McDonald's. You and Jason are such good parents! As always, the pictures of the kids are so cute. But then again, I'm not sure those kids ever look bad in pictures. Love ya!

  2. You are a kind and indulgent mother to tote that child off in the summer heat to get chicken and fries!

    I loved the Australia Museum. Fond memories! Remember the little mammoth?

  3. Happy Orstraaleeya Day to you to! I just love me a day off in the middle of the week

  4. Well, I just learned something new: no lions in Australia. Who knew?! Congrats on achieving the trifecta. It's much harder to do that than it should be.