Monday, January 16, 2012

This is how you know you've been watching too much Doctor Who instead of blogging

Me: So, if I was Madame de Pompadour? And my life was in danger at Versailles? You'd find a way to come through the time portal to rescue me, right?

Jason: Sure, babe.

Me: Even if it meant that you'd be stuck in 18th century France forever?

Jason: (sighing) Of course.

Me: But what about those evil android clock thingies that want my brain to power their ship? Would you defeat them because I was so lovely and charming and beguiling, yet also tragic? And then stay with me forever, leaving your time-traveling spaceship behind?

Jason: Babe, if it meant being with you--wait. What about the kids? Would we have to leave them on the ship? Who'd take care of them?

Me: Jase! I'm Madame de Pompadour and you're Doctor Who. We don't have kids together? It's, like, alternate reality? Jeez.

Jason: I'm just not sure how we'd work all that out, is all.

Me: Shut up. Just start the next episode.


  1. Ha! You expect lot out of a guy, don't you? Actually, I've done the same thing with Dad. After "Rosemary's Baby" I made him promise that we would move if I ever became frightened of any neighbors. I was serious too. Of course, he promised. Good husbands are priceless! I think we need to get into Dr. Who. It sounds cool.

  2. Tragic to see a couple whose hypothetical communications have so broken down.

  3. LOLOL! I'm sure that J would do whatever was necessary, no matter what time it meant being trapped in. And I forgot about that Rosemary's baby story, what an innocent time!

  4. I know, Dad! It's like, if we can't agree on these things WHAT ARE WE EVEN DOING HERE?

    Mom, I forgot about the Rosemary's Baby thing! LOL--also remember how you made him him promise to contact you from the afterlife, if he was at all able to?

    We've started watching it and are really enjoying it! Of course it's campy and the effects are goofy at times, but I think that's part of the charm.

  5. OK, this is too timely. I'm sure you probably don't have the most recent Portlandia out there. SO, first, watch this:

    The bummer is that I can't find the second segment of that sketch, but suffice it to say that something similar happens with Doctor Who.

    This comment was highly anticlimactic.

  6. "Jase! I'm Madame de Pompadour and you're Doctor Who"

    Hahahahahaha! I LOVE it. And that you're watching DW. Yay!

  7. Oh, just wait until you get on a series or two and The Doctor regenerates as Matt Smith. He takes it to a whole new level.

    We watched the movie 'Reds' and Boyfriend wanted to know if I would snowshoe across the frozen plains to find him if the Russians wouldn't let him go home. It seemed like there was slightly more possibility of that situation one day actually arising than your Doctor Who/Madame de Pompadour/Tardis scenario, but I said 'yes' anyway. Was that rash? He said I was allowed to be kind of pissed off about it, just like Diane Keaton...

  8. Nina, LOL. I would have said yes too, but only in a slightly grudging way.

  9. Nina! Can't wait to get to that part in the series. We've really been enjoying it.

    So funny about Reds! Yes, maybe more plausible but ugh, snowshoes! The purely imaginary things we do for love!!

  10. Beth, I've been wanting to check that show out! That clip is so funny. "Wait, I think I might have a bladder infection. It's ok, I'll just get some antibiotics after the next episode." Lol! We are only a level or two above that. :)