Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I was all ready to do a chirpy the kids are back to school post for y'all. But this pic of them enjoying our traditional first day of school cupcakes is all the chirp I have in me at the moment.

I'm typing this out on my phone with one hand. The other hand is holding Ava's pink princess ice pack on my eye. I'm getting conjunctivitis (pink eye) again. Which is not as fun as it sounds.

I felt it coming on yesterday, and tonight, my eye is swelling up and getting redder by the moment. If the last time is any indication, by tomorrow I'll look like the Elephant Man. Also not as fun as it sounds.

I'm not having a very good attitude about it. Is that okay to admit? It's just an extreme annoyance in the midst of a busy week. Plus, with my eye all yucky and swollen, I'll be reluctant to go anywhere. Maybe I should don a mask--I could sweep through town all mysterious-like. I could be like the Phantom of the Opera! Too bad we don't have any catacombs.

Everything is fine and we are all well! There are a few emotionally taxing things going on right now with the church right now, though. Nothing terrible, just things we are trying to help with. That, with getting the kids back to
school, had my plate pretty full this week, which is why I'm so crotchety about getting pink eye. It's hard to chat with your kid's teacher or counsel someone when they're distracted by your ooky, swollen eye.

That's all. I just felt like whining, like a whining baby that whines. But I am okay, of course. I might be a little cranky for a few days though, and I thought you should know. In case you run into me or whatever.

Where are one's big girl panties when one needs them?


  1. Yikes! Pink eye! Not again! I hope you can squelch it before it runs like wildfire through everyone. Bless your heart, that's not fun. But, I'm certain you'll be a lovely Elephant Man. Let's talk soon and update each other. Love you all!

  2. You have the interwebs' permission to be cranky about the pink eye. Gah, that sucks. I hope none of the kids get it, but honestly, isn't it always easier for them? I had a terrible flu a few weeks ago, and then each of the kids caught it in turn, and they were sick easily one third of the time I was. Dang pristine immune systems.

  3. Thanks, y'all! It's morning here now, and it actually hasn't gotten much worse, which is good news! In fact, I can go out in public without babies crying! ;) the lesson here? WHINING PAYS OFF.

  4. Get well soon, babe. I'm thinking of you and sending hugs across the sea. <3

  5. Oh so sorry Amy!
    Just read this. Hope you are getting better ?
    Let me know if you need help with anything......