Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Warden Threw a Party in the County Jail

Last week was the school musical, "A Secret History of Rock 'n Roll". It was the social event of the season.

Well at the very least, of our school. The musical was performed in this large outdoor covered area, and the stands were packed with eager parents half an hour before the thing even started. Don't even THINK about showing up at the last minute and getting a good seat.

Each grade level took on an era of rock and did a dance to the music. There was Jerry Lee Lewis, U2, The Beach Boys, Aretha--you name it. The kindergarteners did an Elvis medley. Watching 60 five year olds dance to a mashup of Jailhouse Rock and Blue Suede Shoes was just about as adorable as you'd imagine. To the power of ten if one of those 5 year olds belongs to you. Nate got chosen to wear a Very Special Sparkly Jumpsuit and dance in the front row. Complete with an inflatable guitar and a giant pair of gold sunglasses. He didn't mind the attention so much.

Ava's class danced to "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and her dance group did their routine to "Walk Like An Egyptian". The night for her was full of activity, as she was in "two dances with a costume change, Mom." She didn't tell us she would be front and center in her class dance. Obviously, it's cause she's the best? And perfect and wonderful in every way?

See her? You have to squint a little. She's in the blue dress, between the two girls in front. Clearly, A STAR IS BORN.

It was kind of strange for songs that felt like "my era" to be portrayed as history now (U2, Nirvana, etc.). But I guess that's the way it's always been. I was telling the kids about how I got to tour Elvis' home when I was a teenager. One of our family's spontaneous, "let's see where we end up" road trips took us to Graceland. It's kind of an epic part of our family history, and funny that we ended up there, considering that my parents weren't big Elvis fans. I remember we listened to Paul Simon's Graceland album as we drove. And the night before the tour, I dreamed that I kissed Elvis. And, strangely, Mr. Spock. Okay, did I just write that? I did. I wrote that. What can I say? I was 13, it was a confusing time all around. I also feel the need to add that it was the young versions of both that I kissed. Is that helpful in any way?

Anyway. Ava and Nate were fascinated that his house had a name, not just "Elvis' house". Nate wanted to know if he could go see it too. Then they asked how he died and why he died before he got old. Hmmm. I glossed over that a bit, and said that he did a lot of things that weren't healthy and made choices that weren't very good. I left out the parts about fried peanut butter sandwiches and passing out on the potty. Some visions shouldn't be tainted.

Who have you dreamed that you kissed? 'FESS UP.

Let's rock. Everybody, let's rock.


  1. The kids look great! It was only a matter of time before the world recognized their talent, too.

    Ah, Graceland. It seems that the guidance that Elvis laid down for his interior designers was twofold:

    1. Shiney is better, and
    2. If at all possible, put fur on it.

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  3. "If you like it then you shoulda put some fur on it!"

    Or shag carpeting.

  4. I agree with your dad about your kids:) born performers, what more can I say:)

  5. Oh my gosh. So many things! I read this post before I even got out of bed this morning and laughed OL at your Spock confession.

    And that barely scratches the surface of your weird crushes, IF YOU'RE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. ahem scott bakula cough.

    I can tell the kids are in their element. Especially Nate in the sparkly suit! I am sure that Hank would walk over broken glass to get in that thing.

    Now, do you think the kids were given such prominent placement in the show because they're Americans and therefore have a deeper connection to all this rock music?

    Or were Australian bands like Men at Work and, um....nevermind represented?

    Delish post.

  6. The kids look so cute! I bet Nate was really into those Elvis moves. And Ava looks pretty cool as an Egyptian.
    What did Gracie think of all the dances? Do you remember the people standing around Elvis's grave beside the house crying ? That was an experience I won't have to repeat. That is unless Nate wants to go, and then I'm in!

  7. Becky, I surely hope you're not cheapening what Scott Bakula and I have. Cause it's *pretty* special. Quantum Leap is like one of the best shows ever!

    HEY GUYS--KISSING FAMOUS PEOPLE DREAMS, STAT! you know you've got them!

  8. Okay, I will confess.Tom Selleck. In his Magnum PI days. Even now he's not bad. That is if I can push his right wing-NRA-Republican proclivities aside. Umm, but then, Scott Bakula is not bad either. Quantum Leap was a great series.

  9. Leif Garrett...wow times have changed,,,or maybe just him!

  10. Hey, how do I get one of those jumpsuits?!

    You know, most of my dreams are action dreams, like I'm trying to solve a mystery or something. Not a lot of kissing.

    I have weird crushes, though. John Podesta (I met him and I nearly peed my pants), Michael Keaton (there is no other Batman), Will Farrell (he's so funny!).