Friday, September 16, 2011

Heading out

Hiya! So I've sort of neglected to mention that we are flying back to the US for a month. Hey--we're flying back to the US for a month!!

I'm writing from the international terminal at the Sydney airport. In a couple hours, we'll get on a 9 hour flight to Honolulu, and spend a week in Kauai with Jason's mom and dad. I'll spend the first hour in Hawaii shaving my legs, which will be emerging from a long Aussie winter. So if, at some point this week, you glimpse a blinding flash far out on the western horizon, know that it's me emerging in a swimsuit.

The kids haven't seen their cousins in almost 2 years, and we are so excited! Now I'm just hoping that we make it through the flight without Grace causing some kind of international incident or a major FAA code violation.

You'll be hearing from me soon! Oh and one more thing. In case you ever need to know... If you've just put your ATM card into the machine to get cash? And there's a power outage in the building? The machine will eat your card and never give it back. Never never never. And when you call your bank they'll tell you that for security reasons, they don't retrieve eaten cards from stand-alone ATMs.

Then, when you tell them you're leaving the country the following day and would really like the power to access your money, they'll say, "Yeah, that's a real bummer, huh?"

Guess how I know. GUESS.



  1. I'm so excited! I hope that y'all get some sleep on the flight. I know you'll have a wonderful time with Jan and Mike. Love you!

  2. Have a great trip! Are you guys coming up to DC? You're the only one in your immediate family I have yet to meet. I need to complete the collection!

  3. oh no! what a thing to happen when you're leaving Oz!!! anyway, hope you all arrived safely and the kids were ok on the flight over to Hawaii!