Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nate just told me I'm almost 100.

Yesterday I turned 35. Just now, sitting at the table eating leftover birthday cake, Nate asked how old I was. I told him. "Wow! You're nearly a hundred!" Remind me to write a note to his teacher re: counting.

All in all, it was a nice day. Jason took me out to dinner and a movie the night before, which was fun.

You need to find a Thai restaurant right now and order the Lamb Massaman Curry. Cause I don't really like lamb. And I don't really like curry. But this was so delicious that I wanted to crawl inside that bowl and live there forever. Or, maybe just take all that curry and pour it into my purse and take it home. Yum. This was the same restaurant where we had the argument about who was more easygoing. But luckily I didn't bring it up again because I'm so easygoing, and we had a lovely dinner.

I'm not sure what I was doing on my 25th birthday. That was pre-children, we were living in Dallas all footloose and such. We had an apartment the size of your bathroom and worked with college students, so we basically still had that lovely, pancakes-at-1:30am student lifestyle. I'm sure there was a party. And I'm certain that I didn't spend the hours before my birthday dinner date combing through a child's hair to check for head lice. Oh yes, I said it.

I'm not gonna talk about it too much cause it makes my head itch. But we've had this *issue* for a couple of weeks now. My head was itching in that above photo, cause I finished treating the kids' hair, showered them, changed clothes for dinner and ran screaming from the house. It was a little hard to decompress after 2.5 hours of combing, combing, shampooing, sterilizing, and watching multiple episodes of "The Suite Life" on Netflix.

Despite that, I'm thankful to celebrate another year of life! A life that's helped produce some lovely, if mildly infested, children. And a husband I'll be forever grateful for. ("Amy, we are not going to talk about lice anymore. Stop obsessing! This is your birthday dinner!") And of course, there's Grace whom I have taught to give a remarkably good Stinkeye.

No, really. You have to admit--that is a really good Stinkeye. (Read here for my performance of it.) The disdain, the annoyance, the disbelief communicated in that expression! It's taken me years to perfect that look, and she's got it already. I think it's all due to me! What can I say? It's my legacy.

This is what I have to show for the past year.


  1. And it is a lot to show!

    This post, while hilarious, has made my head itch.

    You look gorgeous in your bday photo! And easygoing. Grace does not look easygoing.

    Does Ava like the Suite Life too?? Laura loves that dreck.

  2. I regret to say that I chose it out of desperation on Netflix while lice-combing. She loved it though, which made my life easier!

    Sorry about the itching. It's phantom itching, which is the WORST kind. Welcome to my life.

    Grace is many things, easygoing not being one of them.

  3. Happy birthday!! You look great and about as old as a college student in that photo--for real!!
    I am totally itching my head right now.
    Too funny about how you are too easygoing to bring it up. And the photo of Grace is a hoot!

  4. Except for three children and another country, you still look twenty five! Maybe skinnier. It sounds like a lovely birthday outing too. This post caused me to laugh aloud at several points. Remember our summer of lice and the treatment regime? That was some fun. Now, about Grace. She has the stink eye look down very well. I am looking forward to being the recipient of that look soon. But you're probably correct when you say she learned it from you. You perfected it long ago! ;) Ha!

  5. Happy birthday! Grace does indeed have a great stink eye. On another note, though, when did she get to be such a big girl?? Do you need another baby soon? ;-)

  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand now my head is itching.

    Happy birthday again, Amy! Also, I'm not afraid to say that I NEVER want to be on the receiving end of Grace's stink eye. That is major.

  7. If Grace was in America I'm sure the Pentagon would be trying to weaponize that stinkeye. Maybe somekind of orbital mirror that could be pointed anywhere in the world. That would show the terrorists who's boss.

  8. If I had that stink eye to show for my legacy, I could die a happy woman. Oh, and happy birthday.

  9. Happy Belated Birthday!! You look INCREDIBLE for almost being 100.

  10. lol! Nate makes me laugh, he is the cutest little boy! and Grace, oh dear, that is a scary look!