Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Now that takes core strength

I went to Pilates tonight...I've been going for about 6 weeks. Anyway, I've been home for a couple hours now, and I can already tell I'm gonna be sore tomorrow. "Core" this and "pelvic floor" that. Sheesh. I think my core must be made of marshmallow creme. Or peanut butter. Cause, wow. That class is (air quotes) challenging for me. But I'm sure within a few more weeks I'll have a full-on six pack. So, not to worry.

But what I really came to say is that I have a new nephew! Now if you're friends with me or my sister on Facebook, you've heard about this, probably ad nauseam. Well, you're gonna hear it again, mister! My brother David and his wife Kate just had their first baby! (Well, Katie had the baby, but Dave was definitely involved.)

Sunday night, I got a text from my brother that they were going to the hospital. So I spent all day Monday on pins and needles, waiting to hear news. It was like, Hmmm...what's the fine line between being a concerned, involved sister and driving people up the wall with text messages, phone calls, and emails? Yeah. Not sure which side I fell on that one! Then finally, on Monday night Dad sent me a message: Baby Gabriel is here!

Now, really. I know that to many of you, that's just a photo of someone else's baby. But how adorable is he?? With his little baby forehead? And that tiny baby chin? And his baby eyes so wide open? Gabriel Wayne will fight you with his bare baby fists to win the title of Cutest-Nephew-Slash-Baby-Ever. You are so going down. After all, he shares his middle name with his freshly minted Dad and his paternal Grandfather. That's some serious bad-assery right there. So I think it's better if you just agree with me that Dave and Katie have produced one gorgeous little person.

Having had a few kids now, I just wanna do a fist pump in the air for every new mom. Childbirth is no easy experience to endure, to put it mildly. I'm so proud of Katie, who is one tough cookie. She used to compete in rodeos, doing barrel racing and other things I would pee myself just thinking about. She endured a really difficult day and came shining through, with a sweet baby boy on the other end. Yay for moms! Yay for babies! Yay for baby foreheads and cheeks! Congrats to Dave and Katie--love y'all!

And now, speaking of peeing oneself, my pelvic floor and I are heading to bed. But come back in a day or so...I need to tell you about Jason and I acting like morons. So hard to imagine.


  1. Are you exercising too much? Really. Anyhoo, delicious post .I love your description of little Gabe with his baby fist. As you look at his picture, does or seem hard to believe that your kids are so far past this stage? Time has flown by, huh? Babies are an incredible blessing for sure.

  2. No fighting needed--he is truly adorable! Yay to the whole family!
    And yay to strong pelvic floors.

  3. Oh, he is so sweet. Congratulations, Aunt Amy.

  4. no bias here either he truly is the cutest baby I've seen in long time, congrats to all, esp the new aunties

  5. Definitely adorable! Congratulations to the whole family!

  6. Got a real "You talkin' to me?" look on his face there.

  7. aww! congratulations to the whole family!