Friday, July 8, 2011

Party up in here

We're hosting a 4th of July party here at the house tomorrow evening. Yes, I know it's July 9th, but stop being so pedantic. In six years of living here, we've never really formally observed our Independence Day, and we thought it'd be fun to have a bunch of friends over for a BBQ. We've invited other families from the kids' school, as well as other friends, and it's quite an international group of folks. Aussies, Italians, Irish, South African, Kiwi, British--and yes, a couple Americans, too. I'm excited! Today Jason said, "So, how many people are actually coming tomorrow?" And I said, "Um, I'm not actually sure. I've just been inviting people and I've kind of lost track." I have a way of doing that.

On the menu? Cheeseburgers, baby. Real, meaty, juicy American cheeseburgers. There are many things to love about Australia, but finding a great burger is challenging for us here. (At least, what we'd consider a great burger.) Aussies like to put fried eggs and beetroot on their burgers. Now, normally I'm all about accepting the culture and adapting to cultural norms--but this is my dang party and I'm gonna have my dang cheeseburgers like I want 'em. Anybody got a problem with that?

Of's winter here. So, our backyard BBQ will have a firepit and blankets, and most of us will probably end up indoors. But the plus side? No mosquitoes! And no food poisoning from picnic food gone bad! Everybody wins!

The only thing to dampen our party cheer? The thought that I'll possibly need to sell a major organ to afford our trip back to the States in mid-September. Jason's been looking into tickets, and when he told me what it'd cost to get us just to LA and back, I nearly wet myself. We're planning to stop off in Hawaii to celebrate Jason's dad's 70th with the fam, and my friends, wow. Never fear, though! I'm sure it will work out. Do you know, by the way, if you can list kidneys on Craigslist? I'm asking cause a friend wants to know.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll report back with a party play-by-play. A night with friends, yummy food, and for once, getting to indulge myself in my cheesy American-ness. Yay! As Grace likes to say, "Sweeeet."


  1. awww! belated Happy 4th of July! (is that what you say to each other in the U.S.? I think I heard that somewhere once!) and of course you are permitted to have your burgers any way you like, it's your party after all!

  2. Party at the Hubbarts! Have a blast all of you. Don't forget to sing the Star Spangled Banner please. I know it will be fun. I sure missed you all on our Fourth of July Celebration.

  3. My older girl just booked her tickets for Chile via Amsterdam for the OM [GO] conference before serving for 2 years & nearly had heart failure at the price of an air fare ~ & she only needed one way! I am already having fits [cause the price is only going to keep going up, right?] because I hope to go over about her 1/2 way mark & we are all hoping the homesickness won't be too bad 'cause no way could we get her home in a hurry! UM, while I think of it, what's not to like about beetroot & egg on a hamburger? I get this American gunk minus all the good stuff! ;P

    [word verification is *undies*, Wot's wiv that?]

  4. Have a fun party -- can't wait to hear how it goes!

  5. I must say when I read the title of your post I laughed out loud hard! I could totally see you saying that out loud as you have a room full of guests. You must be the coolest white lady I know.

  6. That picture is oh so cute. Beet root? In a burger?

    And yes, no more scissors Amy. No more.


    I'm sure you did it up right!

  8. Can't wait to hear all about it!

    I was at the mountain house this weekend and saw real photos of you and your fam and I was all, "Wow! Look at that! Amy is a real person, not just a blog person!"

    I've now met your entire family, except for you. I hope that happens!

  9. I actually liked the slice of beet root on the hamburgers, when I was down there, But, I thought the inclusion of the fried egg was going too far.