Monday, August 24, 2009

These Three

This girl... ten weeks old and finally getting a little meat on her bones. Check that little double chin!! Just like her mama... Oh man, now I'm kinda depressed. Anyway...

This girl...

...lost her first tooth last week. (Witness her amazement.) She outed me about the Tooth Fairy. Look, I can only live a life of deceit and trickery in so many areas. It's too exhausting. So the Tooth Fairy got the ax. But she still got a dollar under her pillow. A dollar! If you ask me, that's a little high. Jason talked me into it.

This boy...

...had the greasiest, matted hair last night and I couldn't figure out why. I noticed it in the middle of church. We had a Child Dedication Service, and we were dedicating Nate. (To the Lord. You know.) He was standing in front of us, and as I put my hand on his head to pray for him, I was like, Ewww. What in the world? After church, Jason saw Nate finish eating a snack and then take his greasy, foody hands and wipe them in his hair. But he must've also done it earlier in the day as well. Before church, I'd mentioned to him that I didn't want him to get his clothes dirty. What's a boy to do when he can't wipe his hands on his shirt?

So not only does Nate have a way with the ladies, he's got some pretty sweet hygiene, too.

Now, I'll back in a couple days to tell you about some free furniture we scored off the side of the road! Woohoo! Why, yes, we are shameless. Have a great day!


  1. Loved the family photos!!! Golllly they are cute.

    And girl, we have been known to score some goods from "Kirby's" ourself, so be sure to post photos of your finds! Be proud - you are being kind to the earth: reduce, REUSE, etc.

  2. Gosh Ava is beautiful! They're growing so fast.

  3. Look at the chub on Grace! I can't believe how much she's grown in the last month. She probably doesn't even remember us (sniff)!

    Good lookin' kids, greasy hair and all!

  4. Those are some good lookin kids! Nate was just doin what his momma asked him not to do. At least his clothes were clean. ;)

  5. I had to laugh out loud reading about Nate and his hair. Too funny! You really do have a gorgeous family. I know you are proud. Love ya!!

  6. Gracious ! Grace looks like a different baby than she did just three weeks ago ! So cute and cuddleishious. Couldn't help but notice that Nate is under the table. That boy stays on the move ! And ava is a beauty ! I miss those kids !

  7. What a good looking bunch. You can just see the happiness all over them.
    I always found the Tooth Fairy to be a very stressful responsibility. Always forgettin', waiting til they fell asleep but not being 100% sure they were sleeping. It's fun to see their reaction, but I was cool when we were done with it. I actually just found my stash of baby teeth. Um. I threw them away.

    I am just so proud of that Nate. He's a clever boy. Greasy, but clever.

    I'm definitely looking forward to seeing your furniture score!

  8. Bless them, they are gorgeous.

    The boy often styles himself a mohican using only the butter and marmite from his breakfast toast.