Thursday, June 18, 2009

Still Here!

Hi everyone! Grace is busy watching Sesame Street with Nate, so I thought I'd come say hello. I am determined that she learn her letters as soon as possible, hence the TV regimen. No slackers in this family! She's gotta learn to pull her own weight--she's 8 days old today. We'll start on chores tomorrow, I think.

We have had a good first week at home. Definitely not as much time to blog now that I'm not in the hospital! Something about those two extra children, I suppose. Our good friend Donna is visiting from Auckland and has been a HUGE help with the house and baby. So that has eased me into life with three kids. I think the homemade pecan sugar cookies offered on tap have cushioned the blow a bit.

I forgot how lovely it is to hold a tiny baby, when they kind of just curl up on your chest. She is a little baby burrito right now, all wrapped up in a perfect bundle. (Why do we always refer to babies as food items?) I was holding her the other day on a trip to the grocery store, and said to Jason, "I can't believe this could be our last little bundle, can you?" "Um...yes," he said, smiling at me. I am lucky to have a husband who is really comfortable with newborns, though! He is a champion.

Some other things I'd forgotten about this stage of life:
--The little squeaky sounds that babies make. She sounds like a squeeze toy sometimes!
--How tiring it is to feed a baby all day, then fall into bed at night only to be woken an hour later by said hungry baby. Then two hours after that, and three hours after that.
--The hilarious faces they make when they are trying to wake themselves up. She scrunches her eyebrows and looks like the world's tiniest old man, disgruntled about something.
--The juggling act of spending time with your other children while taking care of the baby. Nate is wanting me to play with him a lot! I have been a nursing superhero with him a couple times this week already. An interesting image, isn't it? Too bad there aren't any comic books for new mothers.
--The feeling of achievement that you get when you have brushed your teeth, showered and gotten dressed, all before 10am. Look out, world!

I'm sure there are other things I've forgotten, but I've forgotten them right now. Suffice to say that we are well, the kids are adjusting, I am tired, and feeling very blessed. How are you?


  1. Great observations and memories of newborn Grace. All the sounds they make are a surprise. Before kids I imagined how lovely and quiet it would be for me to lie in bed with hubs and nurse the baby. Then come to find out about all the snorts, breathing noises and little toots they make.
    Babies are like food items because you can just eat them up.
    Take care and drink lots of water and eat good munchies!

  2. I remember the squeaks that new babies make. It sounds like they need oil. It is a lovely sound, isn't it? I am thrilled that yall are doing so well. I know your folks will just hug on all of the kids when they get there. I know this is the best time of life, isn't it??

  3. That's awesome. We have another really good friend who gave birth to her first yesterday. I used to think babies looked like ugly little aliens. Now I think they look like cute little aliens.

  4. This is probably the place where, if I was a traditional father and grandfather, I would say something about what a beautiful baby you were. I might talk about how when I held you for the first time my fears of not being able to love a second child as much as a first one melted away. I could relate how your preferred method of locomotion was not the conventional crawling, but was a weird sliding around on your arched back with only the back of your head and your heals on the carpet. (The bald spot has probably gone by now.) I might recall how when you about eleven months old, you used to look at us from under your knitted eyebrows like you were trying to look mean or something. I could relate what a sweet, affectionate little girl you were...until you were hungry, that is.

    I could do all that, but it would make me seen sentimental any sappy. We both know I'm not that guy.

  5. Amy- I'm so happy to hear you are all doing well! Aren't you sad i'm not there to teach her how to head butt you?
    love reading your updates!
    love ya :)

  6. Bless her, she's a cutie. Sounds like you're doing ok. Showered, dressed and clean teeth before 10am - it was never before midday for me!

  7. I love newborns. Levi has those same squeaks and faces. Have you seen the TV show 18 kids and counting? That lady literally wears the new baby on something that looks like a Boppy carrier. I think the baby is with her 24/7. Can you imagine dealing with that many kids? I know you're doing a great job juggling all your mommy responsibilities. Enjoy them! This time in your life flies by. Before you know it you'll look back and wonder how your children grew up so quickly. We miss you and wish we could be there to be a part of all your kids stages.

  8. Amy, aka NSW-Nursing Super Mom! And you thought it stood for New South Wales...ha! You and Jason are a great team. You are doing a fine juggling act--and looking good while doin it! No frumpy matron down under! It has been wonderful being you all--wish I could stay longer! I love you and don't forget the food in the freezer!

  9. oops dyslexia showing itself and lack of sleep....
    NSW (not M) Nursing Super Woman!

  10. It's so nice to be reminded of all those wonderful unique-to-newborn things. How 'bout that snuffling sound they make when they're hunting for food? Oooh and kissing those soft little 'cheekses.' And when they fall asleep on your chest. Tasty little niblets, they are. I am so enjoying your sharing Grace with us!
    And you are most definitely a Super Mom! Showering? Going to the store? Color me impressed! I don't think I left the house for a long time after #3! And if I would've had those homemade pecan cookies I *never* would have gone out!

  11. SO happy for you! Enjoy this squeaky, burrito baby stage because it'll be gone too quickly.

  12. Oh the little noises! The grunts and whistles! I should have taped those sounds--one day they're gone.

    Can't wait to see that miniature bunchkin.

  13. We always called our swaddled babies "baby burrito" too!

  14. Personally, I enjoy the "new baby" smell.

  15. Aww, Dad...I was gonna say you shouldn't have said all that, but I *was* pretty adorable. ;)

    And bsouth--I haven't been able to do that everyday! Yesterday I stepped into the shower at 1pm, which is still pretty good,I think.