Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How it plays out: Radiation treatment and fashion sense

Monday: "Okay! Just cause you're going to the hospital everyday doesn't mean you can't look nice! Get those skinny jeans on! Let's wear some eyeliner! And your new lip gloss!

Tuesday: "Hmmm, I don't really feel like putting makeup on today, but this headband is cute. Oh, and I think I'll wear my new boots."

Wednesday: "It's cold. I don't wanna take my Uggs off. And these yoga pants are perfectly presentable."

Thursday: "I mean, it's not obvious that I slept in this shirt. I'll just put a bra on and wear it."

Friday: "Okay, so I slept in this shirt, wore it yesterday, and then slept in it again. It's not visibly dirty. Why put on a bra to just take it off again at the hospital? Where's my puffy vest?"

My friends, we are just steps away from me going in my bathrobe. Well, they mention fatigue as a primary side effect of radiation, but no one warned me of a progressive, weakening ability to give a flip about what I'm wearing/how I look. I think this issue alone needs its own ribbon. Ideas?


  1. Amy, this is so funny! So, a decline in fashion sense is a side effect of radiation? Who woulda thought? I totally agree with your reasoning as the week progressed. And ending the week with the puffy vest covers a multitude of fashion sins. Yay, you! Next week, start OFF with the Uggs and puffy vest. Kiss kiss.

  2. Well, if the ribbon were sparkly or possibly a zebra print, it would be fashionable enough to cancel out whatever bathrobe-puffy vest-Uggs combo might be beneath it. :)

    1. Hmmm, you could be on to something!

  3. Puffy vest is your friend! There is nothing it can't do.

    My advice: sleep in a comfy t-shirt and leggings. In the morning, add vest, uggs, sunglasses and Big Ass Purse. Fierce!

  4. I'll give you five dollars if you show up in your bathrobe. (That's American dollars. Sorry, I know.)

  5. Agreed with your sis, but add a little makeup. People only see your lovely face anyway :) then when you look in a mirror, even if you feel lousy, you won't look lousy, and you will be happy. :)

  6. Great advice from Bec! She speaks from considerable experience, you know.

  7. I like Becky's advice too! Sounds like a great plan. Hopefully the end will come quickly. Lots of love.

  8. Also, I would add that when I was traveling that road, I was bald. But by then I was sick of my wig and wore that little striped jockey's cap everywhere. NOT PRETTY.

    So yes, do what Julie says and add lip gloss and then you'll blind them with your Amy sunshine.

    Also: nobody ever got complimented on her eye makeup while at radiation therapy.

  9. I agree....sleep in something cute and comfy and blind them with lip gloss and a HUGE purse. Add a little dog to the purse and you will get to much attention because they will think you are Paris Hilton. Note to self; no small dog in purse. :)

  10. Thanks, all! I experienced a hiccup yesterday when I got toothpaste on the puffy vest. But not to worry! I WORE IT ANYWAY.

    Mama'll get her groove back, not to worry.

  11. Just thinking of you in the puffy vest makes me smile. PV will protect you!

  12. I wish I had a puffy vest!

    I will also add that if you have some good waterproof eye makeup-- I like MAC's gel eyeliner and Clinique's Lashpower mascara-- you can sleep in that and it looks just as good the next day. I will confess here to you that I have worn the same eye makeup for three days straight before. And that's happened more than once. Please don't judge.

    You are fierce no matter WHAT you wear, though, Amy.

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