Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Off kilter

I know, I know. It's one of those self-indulgent Instagram self-portraits people do. Like where they're all, "Look, I just happened to snap this photo of myself the other day. It's candid, see? Cause I'm not even looking at the camera! Lol!"

But I did it to show y'all something. I'd just gotten back into the car at the hospital the other day and put my glasses on so I could see to drive. And I laughed at my reflection in the mirror, and decided I needed to share.

About 6 weeks ago, I was stretching at the gym, on one of the floor mats. I'd set my glasses down next to my water bottle. As I was standing back up, yes, I stepped on them. Bending them so badly that I can't get them to sit straight on my face anymore.

I usually wear my glasses when I need to see mid-to-long distances. Driving, of course, but also shopping or when I'm speaking or singing at church. Since they've been wonky though, I only wear them in the car when it's too cloudy or dark to wear my prescription sunglasses. It's just too embarrassing to wear them elsewhere.

So now, the world is a bit like a Monet painting to me. All the faces at church are kind of impressionistic, slightly blurred. The rows of food at the store pleasantly smear together. I'm kind of getting used to it.

I could easily go get new glasses. I don't really know why I haven't. Except that part of me feels like I'm using up my quota of doctors' visits right now. Like, there's only so many appointments I can schedule and times I can reasonably ask others to watch Grace, and I'm reaching the upper limits. Going to get new glasses just seems excessive. Or something.

Does anyone else do this? Truthfully though, my glasses have always been a bit crooked cause honestly, I think my ears aren't even on the sides of my head. No really! Don't laugh! It's the only explanation I can come up with.

We can't all be symmetrical! This apparently applies now to boobs, ears, and eyeglasses.


  1. I'm reading this through wonky glasses. Similar incident to yours but no exercise involved. I'm planning to ask the optician to straighten them out for me when I eventually get around to going there - they did it once before when I didn't know the old ones were wonky and went in to complain about the new ones not being right! Also, pretty sure my ears are uneven too, unless it's actually my eyes or maybe even just my eyebrows!? But a dispensing optician should be able to get your glasses to sit straight on your face.

    1. Omg, my eyebrows!! I never considered that.

  2. I like that cheeky smile...totally makes the wonky glasses seem charming. ;)

  3. When my daughter was about 2, she stepped on my glasses and made them delicate and wonky. I wore them for several more years because it was so darn hard to find time to get new ones. But even my new ones sit crooked, I imagine because of my ears.

  4. lol, I had wonky glasses too (in the days I used to wear them) and not because I stepped on them but because I don't think God created me symmetrical either! It used to annoy me no end - I'm a bit hyper sensitive that way (to things attached to my body) :)

  5. Ha, I had to look back at your picture as I didn't even notice!! Now tell me you are surprised by that ;)

  6. Well...you look cute even with wonky glasses. It's funny, I just posted an old picture on my blog today and in it I'm wearing a pair of wonky sunglasses. I remember owning these sunglasses for ages (they were prescription) and they were wonky for about half the time. I was just too lazy to get them fixed. And they looked silly.

  7. I think there is more things "wonky" about me than not. Ha! For sure my eyebrows; boobs? Most definitely. LOL! I agree with the being at the limit of asking for help. I kinda feel like I am maxed out right now on that too. So when the dentist called the other day to schedule an appt. I was like,"Ummm....another appointment not so much!"

  8. Your smile is on straight, and that's what counts.

    I have to use the pliers to straighten out my reading glasses all the time. But they only cost $10. I don't think I would try to pliers on prescription glasses. I would take them to a store that makes glasses and get them to use their pliers.

  9. So funny. I have had similar problems, and my husband's sunglasses are currently wonky, but we have no idea how they got that way. BUT, I will say, whatever your asymmetricities, you shouldn't have to settle for wonky glasses! Your glasses store should be able to fix that for you. I recently discovered that the glasses I had been wearing that left a red mark on my nose just didn't *fit*-- the bridge of my nose is thick, I guess, and the glasses weren't resting on my face, like they are supposed to, but on my nose. But it wasn't my nose's fault! It was the dang glasses, not built for me. Anyway, this is all to say, find a good optometrist and they will fit your glasses to you. :-)

  10. My ears are not symmetrical...so much so that when I got my ears pierced they put one hole a little lower on one ear lobe than the other so that when I wore earings they would look the same length :)

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