Monday, December 5, 2011

Special Snowflakes

Today, Jason accompanied Ava on her class' excursion to a local environmental centre. They had a great time going out into the bush, catching bugs in the swamp, and then looking at them under magnifiers and stuff. But don't worry; no bugs were harmed in the making of this field trip. Here she is with a praying mantis on her shirt:
She said its eyes "looked evil". Wow.

I was asking Jason about how the day went and he said it was a fun day, and that the kids really enjoyed themselves. He mentioned that there was one boy in Ava's class who was pretty unruly. He described him to me, and I knew who he was.

This boy's mom once spent 10 minutes explaining to me that her son acts up in class so much because he's really smart and gets bored easily. She went on and on and on about how intelligent her son is, and that he needs to be challenged more, and that this is why he has behavioral problems. Mmmm Hmmm. Oh good grief. Do moms still do this to other moms? I guess we do. I mean, I'm sure this kid is very smart. In fact, he could possibly be bored in class. That's not even the point. But really, other mom who I barely know? This is our first conversation? In which you humblebrag about your own child while making my child and her other classmates sound dumb by comparison?

It's like, that's not how we play the game. Step one is establish rapport. Step two is take an interest in the other person. Step three is brag on your own kid if you feel the need. That's in my handbook, isn't it in yours?

I'm sure I've done things like this too, without realizing it. I guess every parent wants reassurance that their child is special. I think sometimes our insecurities find their way into conversations--even with strangers. Thank goodness that my children actually are special and amazing! Phew! That's a relief. I can't imagine what it must be like to be all those other parents, with boring, average children.

Anyway! Today I was cleaning up the kitchen from Hurricane Weekend, and I found this note on our kitchen table:

It reads: "Stop touching EVERYTHING YOU SEE!" Oh man, I really laughed when I saw this. I think Ava must've written it awhile back--it was in a pile of craft stuff the kids had pulled out. So I don't know what it's really in reference to. I'm sure it had something to do with her brother. I love that it has the feel of someone just really needing to vent. Like how the last half of the sentence is in all-caps? Bless her. It's like the note-version of screaming into your pillow or something. Actually, maybe she was taking dictation, cause I'm pretty sure I've said that to Grace before, especially in public restrooms. Never mind.

But really, it's pretty good advice. I don't have to touch everything I see. Deep. I tried to take it to heart today. But I wasn't so successful with the dark chocolate and hazelnut bar after dinner tonight. Sorry, Ava. I'll try harder.


  1. Love your title! I also love that Ava let a praying mantid, a big one, get on her shirt. Yikes! I'm guessing that man next to her did the touching of it. That sounds like a wonderful field trip and made more fun by Jason going along. It's funny that he picked out the behavior kid right away. They do stand out in the crowd. I've dealt with many parents through the years who said the same thing as his mother. Boredom might be a problem occasionally, but not the most likely explanation. I'm just saying. Your kids ARE special snowflakes!

  2. Perhaps she should form some type of small sign-making business. I know I need one of those guys. I was at a scrapbooking store over the weekend. I touched everything I saw. I caressed some of it. I'm not proud.

  3. lol, yes, I have one average child:) yes I'm sure I've done the same many times. But how about this one that I hear a lot: "oh my child would be way too bored to be at home" (being homeschooled) meaning they are too smart to be at home - as if Rebekah is dumb or something! gotta laugh it off ya know:)

  4. Oh yes, the children who are just too smart! Which you know, may be true sometimes, but it's not the best conversational leader. Hmm.

    I bet that Ava has heard you say Stop Touching Everything You See. I know that I say it at least weekly.