Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The other night, Jason and I were watching an episode of 30 Rock. We are just now getting into this show and loving it! Yes, we are like 5 years behind. Ever since Jason used his voodoo magic skills to get us Netflix instant streaming, we've been catching up on all the American shows we've missed.

In the episode the other night, there's a scene where Will Arnett's character is eating a hot dog. "Oh man, that makes me want a hot dog--a really good American style one," I said to Jase. Australia has many, many merits: gorgeous scenery and outdoor life, free quality healthcare, and friendly locals, to name a few. But they have not quite mastered the hot dog.

However, I knew where I could get one. You see, back in April, Costco opened here in Sydney. That was arguably the best day of Jason's life, as Costco is his happy place. (More about that here.) I mean, he'd say that marrying me and the births of our three children were his best days...but I mean, he has to say that, doesn't he?

So, the next day I texted Jason. "Can you take a lunch break and go to Costco with me? I WANT A HOT DOG." And off we went.

See? It doesn't take much to make me happy. Just a 30 minute drive through traffic for a $1.49 hot dog. WHICH WAS AWESOME.

But then, as I finished my hot dog and the crazed look died out of my eyes, I realized. We'd been taken in. Hoodwinked. Hornswoggled. Bamboozled. By Costco and Will Arnett and his hot dog eating ways. "You realize what's about to happen, don't you?" I asked Jason. "We're about to go in there," I said, pointing behind me, "And spend a lot of money." Because--hello!--it's Costco. And there are buffalo wings in there. And 50 yards of Christmas ribbon for only $9. And mud cake. And exercise balls that come with the DVD! And are we really gonna drive across town and fight for a parking space and not go in? Ohhhh no.

And so we did. And so we spent. And that is the story of how a $1.49 hot dog cost me $200.

These advertising people are genius. Genius, I say! It's not even advertising, though, cause the show that showed the hot dog has nothing to do with Costco!




  1. lol! I've just tonight been watching Rick Warren and he said "Hell is Costco" (in relation to having good financial habits):) I was kinda surprised hearing that from an American coz I thought they all loved it, but I guess your post just proved his point:)

  2. We DO all love it--it's in the citizenship agreement we all sign. I bet Rick Wstren loves it too, and goes in disguise!

  3. Very funny, Amy! Sounds like a good time was had by all. Did you introduce Grace to the all American hot dog? If not, she would probably take yours.

  4. Amy, I'm sure he does too:) btw, they're hot dogs ARE great! so that's what an all American hot dog tastes like eh? :)

  5. Well, I vote genius. And you know you loved both your very American hot dog, but also your cheap buffalo wings!

  6. hysterical - and we still don't have costco in brisbane - do they stock stuff from back home? or is it mostly aussie stuff bar the time we come down you will take me to get a $200 hotdog ok??