Friday, July 23, 2010

This is gonna rock your socks. Or perhaps not.

Friday night, y'all. Nearly a week on my own with 2 of my 3 kiddos. The week has gone really smoothly, actually. We've had fun. I've been pretty busy, which is a good thing--makes the time pass quickly. Anytime Jason is away, I always have a rush of respect for single moms and dads. Being the only one on-call 24/7 is not just physically taxing, it's an emotional and mental strain. So everytime I go it alone, I think: God bless single parents.

So anyhoo. Tonight I wanted to just make an easy pizza for dinner. But I didn't have a pizza base. And, having just gotten home, the thought of putting Nate and Grace back into the car and going out into evening traffic made me all twitchy. You don't want me to be all twitchy.

So I decided to make the dough from scratch. Which I've never done. I have many talents (okay, some talents), but baking is not one of them. Remember the unibrow of cookies? And the Great Cake Fail of 2009? It says something about me that to make pizza dough from scratch was a total novel idea. I mean, y'all probably do it all the time! Not me. I googled "easy pizza dough recipe" and gave it a go.

And here's my point. I made the dough, started to roll it out. Grace was fussing and hugging the backs of my knees, wanting to be picked up. And as I rolled it out into a larger shape, I stopped. "Grace!" I said, "I'm rolling out Australia!" I kid you not, my dough looked like this:

How weird is that? It is totally (almost sorta) Australia. Here's a real map, for comparison:

Okay, so it's not perfect. I left Tasmania off. (Poor Tassie--that happens from time to time.) And the bottom part is a little off, and the top a little, too. But still! My pizza dough rolled out into the shape of the country I live in. How weird is that?

Poor Gracie. She was unimpressed, and continued to cry and wipe her nose on my jeans while I took pictures. Pictures of my half-rolled out, uncooked pizza dough. Several. I was disproportionately excited by it. That's a little pathetic, isn't it? It's okay, you can tell me. But isn't this type of stuff why God created blogs?

I think I've been on my own too much. Next, I'll start looking for hidden messages in my tea leaves.


  1. I remember the brownies too. ;)
    How did it turn out? Since I started blogging I read SO much about people making their own pizzas. I've tried and tried but the crust always fails. And I'm not even making it by scratch--I am using refrigerated kind, all sorts of brands, and sauce from a bottle. But I load it up with fresh veggies. But still I fail at making the crust turn out decent.I do think I could

  2. Haha - before i read the words i saw the pic and thought - that looks just like Australia!!!! Doh! Haha - doh.... get it?! (dough.....!)

  3. Doh, Jules! So it's not just me! :)

    Michele, Lord yes. The Brownie/hockey puck. I forgot about that. The crust turned out pretty well, actually. It was a little thicker than I like, and I think next time I'll season it more--it was kind of tasteless. But at least it had the consistency it should've. I had to look up a recipe that didn't use dry yeast, cause I didn't have any. And I used wholemeal flour, cause that's what I had. Turned out pretty well!

  4. I was just thinking about you, bravely soldiering on with the two kids by yourself. And here you are making pizza crust from scratch. Stop making us look bad!

    Totally looks like Australia. Freaky.

  5. I am impressed that you thought to make pizza dough from scratch! I know you are so happy to have Jason and Ava back from Manila. Not just for the fire starting, skills.You get the pioneer award for this week from me.

  6. I too, am impressed that you even tried. I once found a tortilla in the shape of Texas. I still think I could have made a fortune off it on Ebay.