Sunday, April 19, 2009


We've been having lots of conversations with Ava lately about God. The penny is starting to drop for her and she has a lot of questions about Jesus, heaven, how do we love God, how "big" God is, etc. In a way, it's encouraging, cause you spend years talking, reading together, praying, but you don't always know what's sinking in.

(Lest you think I'm always hiding from my kids!)

And other times, you wonder exactly what has sunk in! Some concepts are apparently still too abstract! Last night, we were driving home from a friend's house and she started asking about what God could do. Could He be in the car with us even with all the doors closed? Can He fly? Is He the strongest? You get the idea. (It's hard to explain this whole omnipresence thing!) Yes, we told her, we suppose that Jesus can fly if He wants to--he can do anything, after all.

"Yeah," she says contemplatively, "I guess Jesus is kind of like a boy fairy." Jason and I both almost got whiplash from looking away to stifle our laughter! I think Jesus probably did too. (We told Ava that Jesus was always with us, so of course he was in the car.)

I don't think He minds being thought of as a boy fairy for now. God is a lot less uptight than we think He is.


  1. Fantastic! I love the things they come out with.

  2. Amen! I think that she is trying to fit JC into her frame of reference! I love it.

  3. PS: When I clicked on your post title I was sure I was going to see Nate in a fairy costume. So I'm a little disapppointed! ;)

  4. Sweet! Too perfect.

    And I always love those whiplash moments! (And I agree: Why wouldn't Jesus love them, too?)

  5. That was the little minds think and I never thought of Jesus flying before.