Saturday, November 24, 2012

Around here

We didn't do a Thanksgiving feast this year, but happy Thanksgiving to all my American peoples! And happy weekend to the rest! After scrolling through dozens of food photos on Facebook yesterday, I told Jason that maybe we should've cooked a turkey with all the fixins after all! I am having casserole envy.

Last night I spent a relatively restless night sleeping in Grace's room. She came down with a little tummy bug and fever yesterday afternoon and we have an unspoken agreement that when she's sick, Mama sleeps on the other bed in her room.

I am less like a mother though, and more like an indentured servant. Or is there much of a difference? All through the night, she'd call out at random intervals for me to adjust her blankets, hand her her water bottle (which was perfectly within her reach), or sing her a song. It was clear she was uncomfortable with fever, but I could also tell she was milking the situation, just a little bit. When she woke up for the day at 6:47am, fever-free and full of energy, I handed her off to Jason and went back to sleep, still in the extra bed in her room.

Today, Nate and I ran out to the mall to pick up a few things. On the way there, he mentioned that his stomach hurt. I felt his forehead and it was definitely warmish. So I found myself buying him a new Zac Power book to read and a $3 can of imported Canada Dry. (What? Ginger is good for the tummy, right? I was walking past the "international food kiosk" at the mall and it was an impulse buy.) Of course, he didn't like how it tasted so now there is $2.80 worth of ginger ale sitting on my kitchen counter, condensation slowly spreading outward in a little pool. And the new book? It's sitting on the coffee table while he watches Phineas and Ferb. Oh well.

How are you? I hope that someone is seeing that all your needs, real or imagined, are attended to.


  1. Bless their hearts- and yours too! Those little bugs make you miserable, I know. You're a good mom! I love the picture of Ava. So pretty! Y'all get well and feel better.

  2. I just took a trip down memory lane. I went back in time and read all your posts from December 2010. We had just left Oz, and you're writing about prepping for Christmas. That's probably the best thing about blogging: the chance to see and experience it all again. The kids are so cute, and small! And it puts a smile on my lips all over again. Sweet.

  3. Okay I haven't been here (your blog that is) in like forever! I'm going to catch up...

    (and hey, at least they weren't vomiting;)

  4. Ermagerd you blerged and I just realized!

    Grace is one adorable tyrant. Imagine if Kim Jong Un was like her.

  5. I'm with ya'...I've got bread stuffing envy. I visited your blog thanks to Suburban Matron's blog roll, thanks, bye, Star