Friday, April 13, 2012

I Didn't Ask To Be Born!

When my mom and dad booked their flights to come out, we tried to time it with when we thought I'd be having treatment. So that they could help with the kids, house, and whatever else. They were anxious to get here and I was no less anxious to have them here, too.

Little did we know that things would get pushed back a bit, due to me deciding to have some extra testing done.(I'm posting from my phone, so I don't know how to link to it, but you can scroll down 3-4 posts to see what I mean, if you want.) Not needing chemo was a very lucky break that I hadn't dared to hope for, but waiting for that determination pushed radiation treatment back.

I went last week to get setup for radiotherapy--got two little tattoos like the gangsta I am in my heart of hearts--and am due to start daily radiation treatments on May 1st. About a week after they leave. Sad face.

The southern girl/middle child in me is fighting the impulse to apologize that they came all this way to help for a 7 week stay and then I haven't even begun treatment yet. I know, I am ridiculous. I have never claimed otherwise.

The reality is, though, as I was telling Mom today, they were here for a lot of angst and anxious time for me. Which is truly what I've needed most, I think. The decisions about genetic testing, and the test to determine if I needed chemo, all the processing after multiple doctor's appointments, the what-ifs that inevitably come up during this process.

So even though I've felt great physically, of course it's been an emotionally draining time. (Hello, obvious statement of the year! Did ya know, breast cancer diagnosis is stressful?? I'm here to provide you with this helpful info!) So, it's been invaluable to have them here--not just for me, but for all of us. Because let's be honest, the amount of peanut butter and jellies that Grace requires in one day alone is enough to drive me to drink. Sometimes, you just need another pair of hands to spread the Skippy. That phrase should go on a T-shirt.

We've had a great time with them here, we've gotten out and about a lot, we've played lots of Dominion, we've barbecued, we've just hung out. It has made all these doctor's appointments so much easier to arrange, not having to scramble to figure out childcare.

Now that mom and dad are retired, they might be interested in supplementing their income. So, if you have a need for grandparents to stand by in a medical or family crisis, let me know. Their rates are reasonable, and might I add? They are professional educators, so your kids will be well tended. However, they require a healthy supply of Wild Turkey and Diet Coke. But not together. What are you, a heathen?

So, thanks Mom and Dad! I think of you as my own parents, and I wanted you to know.

More from me soon! I should also add, Jason's parents are coming soon, so the outpouring of grandparent love will continue! Oh! And we got some good news yesterday, I'll be back tomorrow to fill you in. Not trying to bait you, just tired tired and must sleep, must sleep NOW. Xoxo


  1. Amy, you're right, I think God knew you needed them these past few weeks so the timing of their visit was perfect (in my humble opinion lol) . Those pictures at the top are adorable.

  2. Hello, lovely. Cancer doesn't deserve to suck the life from a warm family visit, cancer does not get a mommy and a daddy, and cancer doesn't get to be the star of the show; you are the star of their show. I am happy they were there to fortify you & I am sure it fortified them to be able to have you so close at this time. I look forward to reading about your good news! You're all tops lately! xo

  3. You didn't ask, but the world is a better place because you are in it. You, alone, would justify my existence.

  4. They are very serviceable grandparents! We have been pleased with them. I look forward to having them back on the top side.

    I might scoop your good news 'cause I have to blog every day, you know.

    Well said, Elle!


  5. Hey there gangsta! My dad has the same gangsta tatts from radiation after prostate cancer. Think of it like a very surreal souvenir you will look back on years from now.

    PS - I am impressed that you can blog from a phone. I wanna do that!

  6. Are your really offering up the services of excellent grandparents?? My children are very deprived in that department, being an orphan and all, & I'm always on the look out for a good set. Becky might have something to say if we keep them on this side of the world.

  7. Oh boy, sign me up. Both sets of our grandparents live 3000 miles away from us--yours are much closer!

    I would also like to preorder the Skippy t-shirt.

  8. I'm so glad they were able to be there for you - and more on the way! We have our own set of amzing grandparents, but it's good to know yours are available as a back-up.

  9. Lovely photos n 'juicy' post! At least a break from all the medical jargons! Ur dad's comment is da best! Love ya!