Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1 Down, a Kajillion to Go

Well, Ava is now a kindergartener! She went to school, she came home, and magically, the earth continued to turn on its axis. Huh. Who woulda thunk? She seemed to have a great time, but was reallly overtired at bedtime, as evidenced by the meltdown that she just finished having in her room. (Like a good mother, I administered threats until she stopped.) Here's a few photos of our day...(meltdown not included)

Getting Ready...

Set Phasers to "Adorable"

They all look like turtles with these packs on!


All-Important Post-School De-Brief at Local GJ's (Typical Ava answer to our questions: "Um, I don't remember." Satisfying!)

All in all, a great start. I met some lovely mums at the Parent Committee's "Tea and Tissues" after the drop-off, and what do you know--Ava didn't come out of school immediately saying "zed" and "tomahto". Maybe this won't be so bad after all!

Soon to come...the low down on fasting, as many of our readers have requested. (Uh, hi Matt!)


  1. Sounds like a success. Kindergartners with matching hats, matching uniforms, matching shoes and socks--and are those matching packs too? It's a little army!

  2. Great photos! And yes, I'm amazed at all the matching stuff--I wore uniforms in grade school, but the socks and shoes and backpacks were never matching!

  3. Adorable!!! The cutest little "turtle" I ever saw! Tell sweet Ava that Anna still thinks of her as her very best friend.."Mamma, when can I see Ava from Australia?..please Mamma!"

  4. I know...they do look like a little army! My democratic sensibilities should be revolting at this enforced sameness...but I'll be darned if those little conformists aren't so adorable!

    Veronica, I've noticed that the older kids carry different backpacks, so somewhere along the lines, it must become "uncool".